Inner Beginnings - Free Meditation E-Book

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Never tried meditation and looking where to begin? 

Been practicing a while but your chosen technique is not getting the results you desire? 

These problems are exactly why this book has been created, to assist with knowledge that comes from thousands of hours of practice, research and experimentation over 10+ years.

Overly stressed and looking to relax and remove tension from the body? Then perhaps transformative or transcendental meditation is good for you.

Lacking in energy levels, mental focus, or attention span and seeking to improve these attributes? Then perhaps focused or mindfulness meditation is right for you. 

Don't know what any of these techniques are? No worries!

Pick up your free copy of Inner Beginnings and get up to speed.

The book gets into the differences between meditation techniques and how they can be used to achieve the results we are seeking.

If you have never practiced meditation before, I have free and paid meditations available on my website for you to download.

Any questions regarding the book, starting your practice or being taught online and in person, email me:

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Happy meditating!


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Inner Beginnings - Free Meditation E-Book

1 rating
I want this!